Posts about promotion

  • They're finally here! Our Venice tides promotion stickers arrived today and we're super excited about 'em!
    Posted 9 years ago
  • pugosot's tumblr blog
    We opened a tumblr blog! It's just perfect for us: we like writing quick, short post with nice images, and tumblr is just the right tool.
    Posted 9 years ago
  • We reached 500 downloads! Last weekend, actually, but anyways: wow! Thanks to everyone for downloading and appreciating our app. Maybe for someone 500 is not such a big number, but it’s flattering for us. Venice tides is our first app, it's super local (it works just in one city) and it’s seasonal. We didn't expect that much (ok, we've got a lot of acqua alta in Venice this year, maybe it helped us a little), so - again - thanks to everybody! Just the idea that so many people has our Venice tides on their iPhone is totally rewarding and… amazing!
    Posted 10 years ago