About us

Why this funny name, Pugosoft? Well, we like the sound of it. Pugosoft is not a company yet, for now is more like an idea, a personal challenge. But if it would ever have the strength to became a real company… well, that would be our dream.

We’re a couple living in Venice (Italy!), the names are Mattia and Valentina, and we’re passionate about the “app world”. We like to think at it as a place where anyone has a chance to express itself, prove to the world what he/she is capable of and, you know, even make some money with that.

So, where do we come from? Mattia is a web programmer, Valentina is a visual/interaction designer. We work together in a web agency in Venice, so we’re not totally new to digital applications, but we’ve never had any experience with iOS apps before.
We don’t know where this app-adventure will take us, but maybe we don’t even care that much. We’re enjoying it and we’re learning something useful in the meantime. Knowing that someone, out there, is having some fun with something created by us would be awesome enough, don’t you think?