Venice tides and iOS10 [FIXED]

Hi everybody, if you’ve already upgraded to iOS10 you might experience some connection issues on Venice Tides and Venice Tides lite. Push notifications are still working though (we’re glad, at least you can still receive warnings about the water level). We know what causes the problem (a function has been deprecated) and we’re already working on it. We hope to be able to release a fix very soon! Thanks for the patience :)

EDIT: We fixed the issue and the update is now available on the AppStore!
We're sorry it took a while, but there were many many things changed in the new iOS (and the last time we updated the code was more than 2 years ago), and we had to figure out how to fix everything. Plus, our Macbook battery decided to die, and that certainly didn't help too :P
The app is fully functional now though, and in a few days we should be able to deliver the update for the Venice tides lite too.

PS: thanks to everybody who kindly (really!) informed us on the issues, we're impressed and humbly grateful for the feedback :)

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