Something new on the way

Hi everybody, we're happy to announce that we've officially started to work on a new project *__* As we always said, it's gonna be a game. A casual game, easy, quick and enjoyable to play, but with some game mechanincs that makes it deeper that it seems, and worth to play and re-play it again. We aim to make it beaufitul and fun, that's all a mobile game really needs, doesn't it?
This is the third project idea we seriously considered since Venice tides' release, but it's the only one that really convinced and excited us. We already have a pretty clear concept idea, we have wireframes, first hand-drawn sketches and rough prototypes. Wow :O
Right now we're in an "practical exploring phase", where we're done with the main concept, and we're working on refining the visual style and understanding how it's gonna work from the code point of view (we were in doubt between cocos2D and Unity, but we chose the former since we have more experience with that). Basically, we're giving shape to what we have in our mind, and we're finding the right tools to make it real.
This time, we would love to use the blog to share all the steps with you guys (but not too much... yes, we're pretty paranoid, and bad things happen, so we'll stay a little bit vague at first), and create a history of how this game was created.

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