Pugosoft meets Unreal Engine 4

It’s been a while since our last post and, honestly, we put the “Diving Circus” project on pause (you might have realized it by now :P). We still love it and, who knows, maybe one day we will complete that, too. But, for now, we’re focusing on something else. 

We realized we need more experience in game development and the only way to achieve that is to make more and more projects. The smaller, the quicker, the better. Making a game is not easy at all, and the fact that we have a full-time job doesn’t help us concentrate. The idea is to start working on very small projects, something where we can focus on details, and began building some experience in the game industry. In this scenario, the release of the amazing Unreal Engine 4 helped us a lot, and created the conditions for us to move on this new “philosophy”.

Inspired by Ludum Dare, we decided to build something very simple, with strict time constraints, that could challenge our creativity and developing abilities. We aim to release at least 3 o 4 small games, before concentrating again on a bigger project again.

So we tried UE4, played with it, and… we loved it! So much that we turned our first experiment (a ball moving from point A to point B, without touching point C) to a real game that we are releasing soon! 

And that’s how Bovine Simulator was born.

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