Once upon a time, there was KulaWorld

Have you ever played KulaWorld on the PSX? We were a little more than children back then, but we both remember it as a stunning puzzle game. We’ve started talk about it and quickly got nostalgic: oh, there hasn’t been a game like that in ages!! So… why wouldn’t we made one ourselves?

That’s how we decided to start our new project: a mobile game inspired to KulaWorld. With a little refresh to the design and some adaptation to the game dynamics to make it more modern, our intention is to give homage to the original game.

Internal temporary name: kulo - which means absolutely nothing, except that those of you who speak Italian could find it rather funny :P


Very very early development

We made our last game, Bovine Simulator, with Unreal Engine - and we really loved it - but we always like to try new things, so this time we’re using Unity instead. Up to now it’s going great; we’ve managed to make the ball move with the correct restraints, and we’re experimenting the overthrown around the edges (which is harder than it seems >_<).

On the design side, we’re taking inspiration from origami and papercraft (have you ever played Kami? Because wow!). There’s still a lot of work to do, but this is how our prototype looks like now:


What now?

The idea is to keep this blog updated and make a dev journal worth of its name. We’d like to update every friday-or-so, with a summary of what we achieved during the week: development challenges, design headaches, experiments and so on.

So… see you next week!

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