Bovine Simulator

Bovine Simulator is a Snake-like casual game for iPhone and iPad. You will help Bovina to eat as many flowers as she can, while trying not to stomp into... poops! Each new flower, a new poop, until the screen becomes like a minefield, to arrange with strategy.
Watch the video to discover more :)

  • Bovina loves flowers

    Hop in a 7x7 grid level, reaching the flowers that Bovina likes so much. Each flower, a new point! That looks easy, but... how many will you eat?

  • Smarter than... poops!

    Use some strategy and try to place poops where they won't bother your passage. Beware, because the more you eat, the more poops will surround you!

  • Game Center

    Challenge yourself and your friends to reach the highest score. Our record is 21... How many flowers will you eat?

  • Powered by UE4

    Bovine SImulator is a game created in a few weeks with the new and powerful Unreal Engine 4.