Working on Diving Circus prototype

It's finally time to reveal something about our new project.
The (temporary) name is Diving Circus and it will be a game a high diving game set in a vintage circus! As we said before, there will be a championship, character customization and a lot of achievements and collectibles. The goal is to make a simple, yet fun and well designed game. We hope to achieve that with your help, too!

We have no experience with games, but from Venice tides we learned that it's super important to have a general idea of the game before worrying about details. We have wireframes and storyboards, but we think it's not interactive enough. That's why we're experimenting this new "strategy": we're developing the game as a rough prototype: no final graphics, no too much details. We're working on the core mechanincs and gameplay, because we want to be sure it's fun to play, and that the general user experience goes smoothly from the start to the end. And, you know what? it's working! Not only we have a better general idea of the whole experience, but it's very good for the team morale, too. We see the game quickly coming to life, and it gives us more confidence to keep working on it.

Until now, we've developed the game scene, with the whole diving mechanics and championship rankings, and we're quite happy with the results :) The next step is the menu screen, with the customization of the character. We'll keep you updated with the work in progress!
And, please, don't forget to check our tumblr page to see new screenshots and animations of the game!

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