We are on Tumblr!

We opened a tumblr blog! It's just perfect for us: we like writing quick, short post with nice images, and tumblr is just the right tool.

It all started when we noticed that our facebook page, which is made of almost only images, was pretty nice, actually. It shows a story, how our apps grow and develop from sketches to actual products. And it's pretty quick and nice to read it, too (by the way, that's why we also changed the website layout!).

We love tumbrl and we use it every day, plus it give us the chance to get new fans. Unlike facebook (where we're don't have many fans yet), on Tumbrl you can reach new people that search categories: game development, illustration, acqua alta, and so on. Even when we have not much to say, we can still post an image or a link to a useful website / tutorial / plugin that we used while coding.

Come visit and follow us on pugosoft.tumblr.com :)

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