Venice tides is online!

Apple approved our Venice tides and Venice tides lite two days ago *____*
After a first scary moment when we found a small bug (luckly server side, so we could fix it immediatly), everything went fine! We're pretty crazy about stats right now. It'll pass, we know, but at the moment we just have to check them every half an hour or so :P

We're using Test Flight Live, App Figures and iTunes Connect for app's stats. Test Flight is just wonderful for live data: we check it mostly for the lite version (it has more traffic), it shows returning and new users, plus stats on some customized checkpoints we set during the testing phase.
App Figures has stats on sales, trends, ads and - our favourite feature - rankings. We discovered there that we ranked 10th on Weather category in Italy and many more countries (wow!!). It shows iAds stats too, but iTunes Connect seems far more reliable for that.

So, how is it going? The full version got some nice downloads the first day (we promoted it on Facebook - it's mainly a local app, after all), but that's it for now. The 'acqua alta season' (november to january) is over, so we think that's pretty normal, we expected that. What's surprising, instead, is the free version. We're getting a lot of download from any kind of country: not just Europe, but Russia, Singapore, Kuwait... anything, really. And, well, we're flattered :)
The real problem now is that iAds (which we included in the lite version) does not support most of those countries. We're gonna try adMob, mediated with iAds (which, basically, means that we serve iAds first and, in case it has no ads to show, we switch to adMod). We checked on the internet and it seems like adMod has a better fill rate :O Well, we'll let you know ;)

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