Say hi to our local marketing campaign!

They're finally here! Our Venice tides promotion stickers arrived today and we're super excited about 'em!

We decided to run a (very) small local marketing campaign here in Venice. Venice tides it's the perfect app for that! We've been unsure to invest in either facebook ads or this stickers campaign, but we decided the latter: first of all, it's cool :D It's something materic, a campaign that you can touch, and it makes Venice tides feel more like a real product! The other reason is that facebook campaigns - with our small budget - just don't last. While with stickers we should have a cute merchandise that people can collect or, even better, put anywhere aroud the city! And it will stay there - at least until someone won't cover it with it's own sticker :P

We'll leave a bunch of stickers in some targeted locations in Venice - mainly places frequented by young people like universities, pubs and libraries - available for everyone to be taken away and be sticked anywhere in Venice. We love the idea that venetians people will help us spread the word, bringing Venice tides anywhere they wanted.

Interested in how the campaign is going? Follow the updates on our Facebook page!

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