500 downloads!!! Thank you guys!

We reached 500 downloads! Last weekend, actually, but anyways: wow! Thanks to everyone for downloading and appreciating our app.

Maybe for someone 500 is not such a big number, but it’s flattering for us. Venice tides is our first app, it's super local (it works just in one city) and it’s seasonal. We didn't expect that much (ok, we've got a lot of acqua alta in Venice this year, maybe it helped us a little), so - again - thanks to everybody!
Just the idea that so many people has our Venice tides on their iPhone is totally rewarding and… amazing!

So, just for the record, what have we done to reach this level? Not much, really. Which means that, with some more effort, we could do way better for the next app!
First of all, we went social. We opened a Pugosoft’s Facebook + Twitter + Pinterest page. Facebook is the one we're using the most, mainly because is the one where we have more connections (we’re not big Twitter or Pinterest users). We posted app infos, screenshots, sketches and so on. The “bad” thing is that we couldn’t get any fans except of our friends (you’re great, guys!). But, well, we didn’t really do anything to improve that, since we’re not sending the app’s “share buttons” to the Pugosoft page. We wanted to promote the app, more than promoting us: when someone shares Venice tides, it's important that, on Facebook, his/her friends see that he liked an app about Venice's acqua alta («Oh, wow, that app is interesting, I want it :D»), and not Pugosot  («...Pugo---what? What the hell is that thing? @_@»). Which means no likes for Pugosoft. But that’s ok, there’s time for that ;)

We tried asking for (free, of course) reviews. We send a request to AppAdvice, AppStoreApps, theIphoneAppReview, AppCraver, AppChatter, WhatsOnIphoneSlapApp… and maybe a few more (some of these are kind of scary, we know). They said it will take 6 months… wow. But, hey, it will be September in six months, which could actually be a perfect time for Venice tides to get promoted (we’re so optimistic, aren’t we?)

Other than that, we posted screenshots and links to our personal websites and accounts (iPhoneSDK forum, Behance, DeviantArt, LinkedIn and so on). Just to make some more links all over the web.

And, well… here we are, with our first 500 downloads! Now that the spring is here (finally, by the way), we know that Venice tides will be temporary forget. We’re ok with that, ‘cause we plan to use that time for our next app - which we still don’t know exactly what will be… but a game, for sure – so stay tuned!

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